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Thomasfans workmen believe their eyes.

Thomas features to a new Island in the action packed adventure "Misty Island Rescue".

Cranky Salty Look that must be Misty Island.

Some say there are strange engines that live there.

The engines are working hard to build the Sodor Search and Rescue Center and Just in Time as Thomas gets Lost.

Fizzling Fireboxes the Chain to the Steamboat has Snapped Help!

The engines must find their missing friend.

I've been all over sir There's No sign of Thomas and Thomas meets three new friends.

I'm Thomas Who are you?

I'm Bash I'm Dash and I'm Ferdinand. We live here.

Join Thomas and Friends as they Discover the Mistories of Misty Island in Misty Island Rescue.


  • The voices are used in the same as the specail, but different than the UK.


  • Thomas should have been louder as the UK Thomas.

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