Toady is Mr. Perkins' day off from Driving the engines. He thinks that Knapford Station is the best place to relax but thinks it is a silly idea of relaxing. Then he thinks that the Beach is the best place so he gets everything to get ready for the beach. He hears a telophone ringing, it is Sir Topham Hatt he told him that Henry's on his way with a Speical Delivery from the Quarry. Next he gets a pinic ready, First he has a Stinky Sodor Cheese and Tomato Sawinch He as a Fruit an Apple and Some Piece of Cake then he needs a Blanket for his pinic. Then he hears a knock on the door, He thinks it is Henry's Delivery but was wrong it was a Crate of Lemonade from Lady Hatt. He is wondering where's Henry. He wonders what else he could take to the Beach. He finds a bucket and a shovel and a Knock on the Door. Once again, He thinks it is Henry's Delivery but it is not it is a Deck Chair from the Knapford Station Master. He is still wondering where is Henry. He spys a couple of things when Sir Topham Hatt is calling again Then a knock on the door and Henry's Whistle. So he gets the Delivery and puts it with his other sacks. But when he has a pack of sacks and spills some sand and he has to clean it up. He has an idea and spills the rest of the sand and he even makes it like the beach!


  • Mr. Perkins
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Lady Hatt (cameo)
  • Knapford Station Master (cameo)


  • Lady Hatt Knapford Station Master or Henry was not seen once.
  • This was the sixth DVD in the Driver Perkins Series.


  • Why would a Room be a beach?
  • Mr. Perkins' Idea of the Beach was not perfect but awsome.
  • Henry left the Delivery in the Dark but could have came earlier.
  • What was the point of getting Seven Sacks at one time?
  • Mr. Perkins should have new better of the Whistle.
  • Mr. Perkins did not need to be that impatient.
  • How will we know what is inside and what truck Henry's Delivery had?
  • What if the Delivery was something Dangrous inside that?
  • A Breakvan should have been added to Henry's Train.


  • Mr. Perkins: I will Find a Home For it as soon as I Get back from the Beach! Where is Henry?


Wooden RailwayEdit

  • Scruff
  • Victor and the Engine Repair Car
  • Dash and the Jumping Jobi Wood
  • Ol' Whezzy Logging Crane



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