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Thomas The Tank Engine Kids
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Running Time

Approximately 10 hours a day

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Date Released

October 1st, 2012

Coming To

PBS Kids

Thomas The Tank Engine Kids is a brand new television series coming to PBS Kids on October 1st, 2012. It will feature Sir Topham Hatt taking care of the younger versions of the Thomas engine characters. Each of the engines have red cheeks, and puff out little clouds of steam. Each of the engines have different sheds that match their paintwork. For example, Thomas' shed is blue with red stripes, and has the number 1 painted on both of its sides. James' shed is also red with gold stripes, and has a big number 5. Percy's shed is green with red stripes, and has the number 6. And Toby's shed is brown and wears the number 7.



  • Thomas - The No. 1 Blue Engine. Thomas is a tank engine, who always tries to be really useful.
  • James - The No. 5 Red Engine. James is a mixed-traffic engine, who likes to think of himself as a really splendid engine.
  • Percy - The No. 6 Green Engine. Percy is a cheeky little saddletank engine, who is best friends with Thomas.
  • Henry - The No. 3 Green Engine. Henry is a long, and fast engine, and is also kind and friendly.
  • Edward - The No. 2 Blue Engine. Edward is a kind and wise engine, and is always there for his friends.
  • Gordon - The No. 4 Blue Engine. Gordon is the fastest engine on the island of Sodor, and his favorite job is pulling the big express.
  • Annie - One of Thomas' two coaches. Annie is friends with Clarabel, and enjoys being pulled by Thomas.
  • Clarabel - Another one of Thomas' two coaches. Clarabel is friends with Annie, and enjoys being pulled by Thomas.
  • Sir Topham Hatt - The controller of the Sodor Railway. Sir Topham Hatt wants to make sure that his engines are being really useful.
  • Bertie - A bus. Bertie is a friendly bus who once had a race with Thomas.
  • Cranky - A crane. Cranky is a tall crane who works at Brendam Docks.
  • Harold - A helicopter. Harold is a rescue helicopter who is used for patrolling the island of Sodor.


  • Toby - The No. 7 Brown Tram Engine. Toby is a steam tram, who has a coach named Henrietta.
  • Mavis - A diesel engine with cow catchers and side plates. Mavis is a cheerful diesel engine, who mostly works at the Ffarquhar Quarry.
  • Henrietta - Toby's loyal tram coach. Henrietta enjoys being pulled by Toby.


  • Duck - The No. 8 Green GWR Engine. Duck is a tank engine who comes from the Great Western Railway.
  • Donald - The No. 9 Black Scottish Twin Engine. Donald is an engine who comes from Scotland, with his twin brother, Douglas.
  • Douglas - The No. 10 Black Scottish Twin Engine. Douglas is an engine who comes from Scotland, with his twin brother, Donald.
  • Oliver - The No. 11 Green GWR Engine. Oliver is a Great Western Railway engine, who has a brakevan named Toad.
  • Toad - Oliver's trusty brakevan. Toad loves being pulled by Oliver, and sometime makes the trucks behave.
  • Emily - An emerald green tender engine. Emily is a friendly and helpful engine, who is mostly kind to Thomas and Percy.
  • Harvey - A tank engine with a crane arm on top of his boiler. Harvey is a crane engine, who is used for helping engines back onto the rails.
  • Salty - A dockyard diesel engine. Salty is a friendly diesel engine, who works at Brendam Docks.
  • Spencer - A sleek, fast, silver engine. Spencer is a big, silver engine, who belongs to the Duke and Duchess of Boxford.
  • Diesel - A mean diesel engine. Diesel is a devious diesel engine, who enjoys telling the steam engines that they will soon be sent to the smelter's yard.
  • Arry - A Sodor Ironworks diesel engine. Arry is a troublemaking diesel engine who works at the smelter's yard, along with his twin brother, Bert.
  • Bert - Another Sodor Ironworks diesel engine. Bert is a troublemaking diesel engine who works at the smelter's yard, along with his twin brother, Arry.
  • Diesel 10 - A mean diesel engine with a big, mechanical arm. Diesel 10 is a grumpy diesel engine, who attempts to scrap the steam engines.
  • Skarloey - A narrow-gauge tank engine. Skarloey is a hard-working little engine, who is best friends with Rheneas.
  • Rheneas - Another one of the narrow-gauge tank engine. Rheneas is a determined little engine, who mostly works with Skarloey.
  • Duncan - A narrow-gauge engine. Duncan is the, "rock n' roll," engine, and likes to sway and bounce around.
  • Rusty - An orange diesel engine. Rusty is the only diesel engine on the Narrow Gauge Railway.
  • Peter Sam - A green narrow-gauge tank engine. Peter Sam is a cheerful, busy, and friendly little engine.
  • Sir Handel - A blue narrow-gauge tank engine. Sir Handel is a smart little engine.
  • The Duke and Duchess of Boxford - The Duke and Duchess of Boxford. Their private engine is Spencer.


Season OneEdit

  • Thomas' Busy Day - Thomas is given three important jobs to do; he has to collect coal from the coaling plant and take it to the depot, collect stone from the quarry, and take it to the docks, and collect milk from the dairy, and take it to the farm.

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit

  • GWR Duck - Diesel teases Duck about his letters, "GWR," which makes Duck want to change his letters.

Season FourEdit

  • Slow Down, James! - A new bridge is being built on Sodor, and James wants to be the first to cross it. He rushes around, hoping that he would be the first.
  • Duck Takes a Tumble - Duck is bored of working in the yard, and decides to go exploring, but tumbles into a ditch.

Thomas The Tank Engine Kids GalleryEdit


  • 185px-Thomas

    Thomas Kid

  • 185px-James

    James Kid

  • 185px-Percy

    Percy Kid

  • 185px-Henry

    Henry Kid

  • 185px-Edward

    Edward Kid

  • 185px-Gordon

    Gordon Kid

  • 185px-BertieWooden

    Bertie Kid

  • 102px-LearningCurveWoodenRailwayCranky

    Cranky Kid

  • TrackMasterPrototypeHarold

    Harold Kid


  • 185px-Toby

    Toby Kid

  • 185px-Mavis

    Mavis Kid


  • 185px-Duck

    Duck Kid

  • 185px-Donald

    Donald Kid

  • 185px-Douglas

    Douglas Kid

  • 185px-Oliver

    Oliver Kid

  • 185px-Emily

    Emily Kid

  • 185px-Harvey

    Harvey Kid

  • 185px-Salty

    Salty Kid

  • 185px-Spencer

    Spencer Kid

  • 185px-Diesel

    Diesel Kid

  • 185px-'Arry

    Arry Kid

  • 185px-Bert

    Bert Kid

  • 185px-Diesel10

    Diesel 10 Kid

  • 185px-Skarloey

    Skarloey Kid

  • 185px-Rheneas

    Rheneas Kid

  • 185px-Duncan

    Duncan Kid

  • 185px-Rusty

    Rusty Kid

  • 185px-PeterSam

    Peter Sam Kid

  • 185px-SirHandel

    Sir Handel Kid

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