Thomas Trackmaster is a battery-operated system that was manufactured by Fisher Price, mattel from 2010 after picking up the license from HiT Toys. Most engines were given updates and certain products were rereleased in new packaging.


The engines come in a dark blue packaging with red on the left side showing the logo, a picture of Thomas is the bottom corner, and it's name in the bottom middle. Two different styles of this packaging were made, one which is in a box with a hole showing the engine's face and another where both sides can be seen through a large amount of plastic. Tender engines or small engines with a car are known as "Big Friends" and small engines by themself are known as "Little Friends".

All engines with "*" means that they are also available without cars

Greatest MomentsEdit

The Greatest Moments series was bought over to the origanial Trackmaster range. They are packaged in a large round plastic package and identifible by the small Greatest Moments icon featuring a picture of the character in the episode or speical the pack was based on.

Special PacksEdit

Special packs have often been released in sub series in various fourms of packaging.

Misty Island RescueEdit

These engines were identifible by the Misty Island Rescue logo on the side of the packaging.

Land, Sea, Air, and RescueEdit

These packs have a small Land, Sea, Air, and Rescue logo on the packaging.

Glow in the DarkEdit

These engines all have a Glow in the Dark logo on the packaging and all feature an engine with two cars that have one of the trucks glow in the dark.

Easter ExlusiveEdit

These engines all have a easter banner beside them and has a egg on the side of the packaging.

Stop TrackEdit

These engines all feature an exlusive themed engine with a car and stop track piece.

Day of the DieselsEdit

These engines are identifiable by the Day of the Diesels logo on the side of the packaging.

RC EnginesEdit

The RC Engines feature a small engine permanetly attached to a car or a tender engine, and a remote that controlls the engine.

3 Speed RC EnginesEdit

3 Speed RC Engines, like the regular RC Engines the same name have a 3 button that has fast movements, phrases and sounds as they speed up.

Talking EnginesEdit

Talking Engines, like the RC engines, have a small engine permantely attached to a car or tender engine and say various phrases and make sounds as they move.

Trucks and Track packsEdit

Road VehiclesEdit




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