These are the Rules of this Wiki. If you disobey them then you will recive a strike or ban.

  1. No swering or using any sexual lanuage.
  2. No spamming.
  3. Only edit your user page & not anyone else's (Unless they ask you to edit their user page)
  4. Please write with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation on articles.
  5. When adding images, please upload images that are relevant. Do not upload a duplicate or a simaliar looking image to one that is already there, and make sure they have free of any watermarks (for example, a shop's name printied on it or a date)
  6. Make sure that what you name an image makes sense. In other words, do not name an image "jbf2354438fbcjw*Y78283eR%$&R&%.jpg", "Picture 004.JPG", "Capture 005.png" or similar. Name it after the article and what number image it it for example "SirHandel32.jpg" or simaliar.
  7. No saying "Thomas is for babies" or anything like that. Because it is not, it is for all ages.
  8. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  9. Keep Regilous arguments off this Wiki.
  10. Do not post inaproppriate comments or pages
  11. No blocking or striking anyone for no reason.
  12. And absoulutely no vandisim!

Please follow these rules, If you fail to, the result may end up in a ban from the wiki, which can last up to 1 day or 10 years.

Strike GalleryEdit

All admins should use this template if somebody disobeys any of these rules:

Template loop detected: Template:Userbox|black|red|100px-FergusBreakstheRules1 Template loop detected: Template:Userbox|black|red|100px-AngryDieselCGI Template loop detected: Template:Userbox|black|red|100px-Diesel10 Template loop detected: Template:Userbox|black|red|100px-Thomas3

Thank You! Ivan Kakooza (Talk)

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